Nova & Hazelyn help Lambie find her Mummy is the first episode of the Glimmies Adventure series.


While playing hide-and-seek, Nova and Hazelyn find a worried Mummy Sheep and offer to help her look for Lambie.

Full SummaryEdit

One evening Nova and Hazelyn are playing hide-and-seek. Nova is the one hiding, while Hazelyn is trying to find her (and any treature she might just happen to spot). Hearing something, Nova comes from out of her hiding spot, which attracts Hazelyn's attention and she asks why she came out of her hiding spot. Nova explains what happened and they look to find Mummy Sheep- who explains Lambie, her baby has gone missing. They offer to help, and lighting up they begin to search, but are unable to find Lambie.

Soon the trio come by a dark cave and Hazelyn decides she will search inside since she loves to go exploring. She disappears inside, then reappears with Lambie at her side. As the two sheep reunite, the four share a cheer.



  • Despite the title of this Adventure, the Glimmies actually helped Mummy Sheep look for Lambie, not the other way around.