Merchandise is what makes up the Glimmies series. They come in many varieties, with newly added items as the series continues on. This page is a directory for those pieces, with links to their separate pages.


Single PacksEdit

The most basic and original of the Glimmies toys.


A special home for the Glimmies. Includes the exclusive Aurea Glimmie.

Rainbow FriendsEdit

The other Glimmies outside of the main series, 12 in total. When 2 are put together they will interact by changing colors. They are available in single, double, and triple sets.


A rainbow friends set, includes exclusive unicorn Glimmie.


Special little homes for the Glimmies. Each can be linked with each other and include a unique design and backdrop for each Glimmie- as well as the Glimmie owner.


A toy based on the ferris wheel, features one exclusive Glimmie.