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Welcome to the Woods[]

Welcome to your #1 source of all things Glimmies, an adorable new toy series released in 2017. Feel free to edit and contribute but please remember to follow basic wiki editing and the rules provided at the bottom of this page. Have a sparkling evening filled with Glimmies!

From the Starry Night Sky...[]

The moon loves to gaze upon the thick woods and the small creatures living in them. One night she realises something is wrong... all of her animal friends are arguing with each other and are unhappy!

Worried, the moon calls among her trusty little stars, "The Glimmies" and gives them the mission of taking care of the Glimmies Wood forest animals to bring back peace and serenity to the wood. So down from the sky, a thousand beautiful, wonderful lights appear- amazing the animals! They have never seen so many colorful lights!

One by one, 23 Glimmies appear, resembling their favorite cute forest animal friends. With a love of endless adventures in the name of friendship, the Glimmies respectfully enjoy the nature around them. Behind each star fairy is a magical story waiting to be discovered, with her own facial expression, color, and symbols, each Glimmie is special in her own way.

Deep Into Glimmies Wood[]

Magical Rules[]

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